PLAY Music Jackets bring fun and color to the winter

Tog24_interactive_fashion_jacket.jpgA new, cutting edge range of snow sports clothing for this Autumn/Winter, the PLAY range from UK brand TOG 24 arrived in the stores and is ready for the winter action.

The Play Music ski jacket is a technical outerwear for men and women featuring integrated technology to allow the control of a variety of iPod’s, MP3 players and more.

Using the new system called CONNECTED-wear™ from Fibretronic, coming in different modules that fit into the jackets and are offered separately so you can make the PLAY Music Jacket work with most of the audio device you have.

Select any ski/board jacket in the PLAY range and choose the control module which most closely matches your needs. The MP3 player/iPod® can be connected via a dedicated media pocket inside the jacket.

The control modules available include a volume controller, which allows you to adjust the volume of any MP3 player via the control pad on the sleeve, an iPod® controller which allows you to manage not only volume, but play/pause and forward/backwards modes on your iPod®.

The iPod®/Bluetooth® controller allows you to hear phone calls through your iPod® earphones via a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone.

Connected_Wear_module.jpgFinally we see a new generation of interactive fashion coming to the market that over the flexibility to select and choose the function one needs based on the owned devices. Both jackets are available in differenct colors for £129.00 ($199.20) – the women style here and the men’s style here.

Tog 24 has 80 shops throughout the UK which allows the brand to carry the CONNECTED-wear™ modules under their own ‘Play‘ branding and offer them in their online shop as well – cool.

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  1. This system has the potential to be useful but fails on one front; they only have iPod ones available to buy…

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