Save the planet and money with Solar bags from Noon

Solar_bags.jpgNoon is offering a great saving opportunity for environmental conscious fashionistas by giving a 20% discount on their gorgeous looking solar energy harvesting bag and tote collection.

Reducing the carbon footprint even if it is a baby foot (print) can make a big difference. One solar charging bag will not save the planet but if many people using a solar charging bag it will make a big difference.

Noon Solar bags incorporate soft, flexible solar sheets to keep cell phones, iPods and other USB rechargeable devices juiced up as you go through life.

The bags keep on charging no matter what you do: place it near a window while you are at work, in the car while you drive around or have a stroll around town while enjoying the sunshine, the lithium-ion battery pack inside the bag will take all the sun energy to provide a quick refill for all the gadgets in your bag at day or night, wherever and whenever needed.

You can claim the 20% discount by using HOLIDAY08 during checkout at The rebate is available from now until Dec 20, just in time for the holiday gift giving season.


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