Smart Fabrics conference 2009

Smart_Fabrics_2009.jpgIntertechPira announced the dates for its 5th Smart Fabrics conference taking place at the Holiday Inn Rome West hotel in Rome on 10 -12 March 2009.

Positioned as a flagship conference in the wearable electronic industry, Smart Fabrics conference visitors can expect again highly interesting presentations from the biggest players in the industry, including Philips Research, Philips Lumalive, Puma, Textronics Inc, European Commission and many more.

“We are putting together three parallel streams of presentations, which will cover a wide range of topics across various markets within the smart fabrics sector,” said Conference Producer, Sofia Aldatz.

The different streams include areas like bio-monitoring systems, revolutionizing wearable electronics and recent developments in the active wear field.

The annually held Smart Fabrics conference became a well-established two day event in the industry expanding its focus in next year’s 5th edition by analyzing the wearable electronic business and on design and science aspects of the smart textiles.

Leading experts of the industry will deliver fundamental presentations appealing to all players throughout the supply chain.

To keep up with the latest technical developments and designs, finding out lucrative opportunities ahead and learning from experiences of pioneering companies, Smart Fabrics 2009 is a wearable electronic event not to be missed!

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