Luxury iPod jacket from UK – Plutonic by Henleys

iPod_fashion_jacket.jpgThe stylish Plutonic iPod Jacket by UK retro clothing brand Henleys adds sophisticated style to the interactive clothing segment.

Designed in black pinstripe, the Project Deluxe men’s technical hooded jacket – yeah it’s a awful long, technical sounding name for a classy jacket – has soft touch iPod controls from Fibretronic in the sleeve allowing to control the iPod tucked away inside the jacket, protected from the elements like the jacket protects yourself from the cold and wetness outside.

Although the Plutonic Jacket shows the ‘Made for iPod’ logo other devices can be linked to the sleeve controls as well thanks to the modular CONNECTED-wear™ program from Fibretronic.

The amount of new interactive clothing coming to the market right now is very good news for people who like to experience iPod or other portable device controlling clothing. The increasing diversity of styles gives more choices to fit ones personal taste.

The prices for interactive clothing is coming down as well from the ‘sky-high’ levels of $500.- to $1,000.- seen 3 years ago to a much more reasonable level like the retail price of £120.- ($181.40) for the Plutonic iPod Jacket seen on Henleys online store.


  1. I wonder if this jacket is “compatible” with Mobile phone media players. It would be cool to plug it in to a Krave and crank up my MP3 playlist. I’ve been a fan of the Krave ever since I started working with Motorola ( I especially like the touch screen display and 2 megapixel camera. It’s definitely worth checking out.

  2. I wonder if this jacket would be any good as a Ski/Snowboard jacket, i know it’s waterproof but is it windproof ???

    It definately looks great

    Anyone know ???

  3. av got 1 of these jackets nd a plug me ipod touch in nd it doesnt work for some reason wen i try 2 controll it of the sleeve i hav the cable cuming out of the jacket pluged into the little box thing then tht bit into me ipod nd for sum reason it doesnt workkk

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