Fashionable sound – Burton Ronin Audio Stroll Down Jacket

Burton has a long tradition in fusing technology with textiles by launching the first commercially available backpack with integrated remote control (designed for Sony’s MD player) back in 2002, a revolutionary new concept at that time.

For the winter 2008/09 season, Burton is pushing the boundaries of interactive fashion again by launching the Ronin Audio Stroll Down Jacket which has a removable ASSystem™ including weather-resistant speakers and amplifier to give you the right soundtrack while out and about this winter.

The audio part of the jacket works with any 3.5mm headphone jack equipped device, pretty much any hand held audio and many cell-phones on the market.

The Ronin Audio Stroll Down Jacket comes in three color shades: True Black, True Red and Bright White with a price tag of $419.95

For this money you don’t get only audio but a high quality jacket that keeps you comfy warm and dry with 550 goose down filling … More 10K shell material.

A special sound pocket with headphone cable port to hook up an audio player to the jacket’s sound system as well as plenty of internal and external pockets to keep your stuff organized. The Lifetime warranty is interesting, wonder if this applies for the sound system as well.

I couldn’t find any infos on the battery requirements although I am almost sure there will be the need of batteries as an amplifier needs power to work. If you have more information on that batteries please drop us a not in the comments.

[via ChipChick]

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The sound system requires 4 AAA batteries, actually sounds really good.

[...] have introduced Burton’s Ronin Audio Stroll Down Jacket back in November as one of the first jackets with integrated sound system enabling you to rave down [...]

we can say that this 3G jacket, like mobile phones.

[...] the Surround Pro Jacket has small speaker integrated into the collar. Burton launched their Ronin Audio Stroll Jacket with a similar [...]

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