Hugs send from my pillow

interactive_pillow.jpgFitting pillows with technology goes back to 2001 as far as I could find out when Annie Lovejoy made an ‘exploration of emergent and redundant technologies, the proliferation of components / hardware and data which is intricately embroidered in a tapestry of systems’ resulting in the first interactive pillow concept.

Since then we have seen pillows that talk, pillows that play music and many variants of light up pillows creating atmosphere in our homes.

The interactive pillow developed by the Interactive Institute (Sweden) in 2005 proposes a pillow to be used as communication of feelings between people separated over long distances.

Pillows, especially the ones decorating our living room are cuddled and hugged to calm down, protect while thinking about someone special. Most of the time we are not even aware of this but I can ensure you it is the case.

Using a intimidate object as the pillow represents for communicating feelings to loved-ones or significant others living far away, family members living abroad or just out of town is an sensible and creative idea.

The pillows are connected via a internet based communication platform. When one pillow is being cuddled and hugged the gestures will be translated into glowing light pattern and transmitted to the other pillow far away. The receiver will so see the beloved one is thinking and feeling about one right now, sending a warm, sensible ‘hello’ to the other.

The pillow illumination comes from invisible to the naked eye, electroluminescent wires woven directly into the textile pattern of each pillow.

Considering the advancement of WiFi in our homes over the past 3 years, this interactive communication pillow, as proposed by the Interactive Institute, could be a nice enrichment for our home decoration and in staying in contact with our loved-ones.


  1. Hi, I just really like the idea of these pillows and since my boyfriend and I live so far away from each other I just wonder if you know if/where you can buy these?

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