Beat the credit crunch with the iBlaze

iBlaze_Ipod_Backpack.jpgOur contribution to beat the current money shortage is to be on constant lookout for great bargains in the interactive fashion store enabling you to cheer yourself or others up with a unique present.

A hot tip is the iBlaze, a gorgeous looking backpack that has been made around an iPod – not for the iPod.

It showcases a design solution that perfectly integrates technology with textiles. The built-in waterproof soft silicon control panel let you conveniently turn on/off, skip tracks and adjust the volume without having to take out the iPod.

That’s handy especially now during the not so pleasant weather outside when many keep the iPod safely stored in the bag.

A feature I really like and appreciate is the retractable earplug cable that makes the whole wire management so nice, neat and clean – just like iPod.

The prize you have to shell out now for this great iPod backpack is more then 50% less than during the launch. We have seen the iBlaze on this online store for only $76.30 a real bargain in these hard days for money supply.

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  1. I really like this a lot. Currently I have a pouch for my iPod on my knapsnack, but it’s such a nuisance having to take off my pack if I want to do any of the above options stated. In fact I just went and bough a new gym bag today because of this, but I’d be interested in purchasing the iBlaze.

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