Carbon Fiber Heated Jacket

Carbon_Fiber_Heated_Jacket.jpgFeeling already the cold? Winter is just around the corner so we prepared another hot tip to stay warm while outdoors.

The relatively new material of carbon fibers specially treated to make them electrically conductive with high resistance level and woven to textiles, creating heat generating fabrics allow apparel designer to create slim, invisible integration of heating patches into clothing.

There are no wires like in the old days, carbon fiber heating textiles feel and have the wearability properties like any other textile.

The Carbon Fiber Heated Jacket offered by Hammacher Schlemmer is a windproof fleece jacket that has a virtually undetectable heating elements woven from carbon fibers that are 5 times thinner than human hair but still powerful enough to give you some comfy warmth when needed.

The heat is generated through the carbon-fiber mesh sewn into the chest and back of the jacket and the laminated microfleece fabric is windproof, keeping the warmth close to your body.

An unobtrusive lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to five hours of continuous use after a three-hour charge. Three heat settings allow to select just the right temperature depending on the outside conditions.

Available in black, this unisex jacket goes for $179.95 as seen on this online store. You know my saying: staying warm during winter is priceless.

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