Luminous Fiber Optic Heart Pillow

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we give you some tips how you can make it a very special day for your loved one with a bit of Wearable Electronics.

LumiGram, also known as Luminex, keeps on expanding their product range. For Valentine’s Day, we propose two of their products we think fit perfectly to that special occasion.

The first proposal is the cute looking Red luminous Heart Pillow made of Fiber Optic Fabric in the dimensions of 23 cm (small) or 30 cm (medium). The pillow produces a beautiful and dazzling luminous effect in darkness…

The pillow is powered by standard 1.5V replaceable batteries (included), hidden inside, which will light the pillow for more than 10 hours. A small switch inside the pillow allows to switch the magical illumination on and off.

The Fiber Optic Fabric can be hand washed with water up to 70┬░C and natural soap (the battery must be removed prior to washing). The Fiber Optic Fabric shouldn’t be washed in washing machine, folded (pressed) or ironed.


Our second proposal is to buy one of the gorgeous looking handbags that use the Fiber Optic Fabric to create the magical appearance. These are just two examples of the much larger range of handbags LumiGram has on offer.

lumibag0013.jpg lumibag0014.jpg

The handbags pictured above cost 299.99 Euro and the Heart Pillow 139.- Euro direct on LumiGram’s online store.


  1. Hi

    Im interested in your hear shaped pillows.

    Please contact me only if you are selling in Singapore
    My number is 93691646


  2. please mail me your list of products with prices and is it possible to do some custom made wall pannels


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