DIY electronic embroidery – Frog catching firefly

e_Embroidery.jpgThe cute little DIY e-Embroidery project from Becky Stern the ‘Frog catches firefly’ is a very simple way to get craft enthusiasts exploring the e-textile world.

The materials needed are simple: 2 LEDs, a switch, a coin cell battery and battery holder which is designed in a way to have holes to sew it onto fabric and some conductive thread.

Sparkfun would be my proposal to get all the ‘crafting enabled’ electronic parts but there are many other sources who sell them too.

Becky has posted a very detailed description on her site Sternlab about how she created the ‘Frog catches light-up fireflies’. She gives also a complete list of required materials with links to places who sell them as well as the embroidery design which she made available for download.

Although the project is very simple in respect to e-textile technology, it has great inspirational value on how to light up – literally – your living room our office cubicle with a bit or electronic, a good portion of crafting and a lot of creativity.

Why not give it a try and make something nice and unique as Christmas gift or use it to bring some sparkle into your living area.

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