Autograph Long Sleeve Jacket for iPod

Autograph-iPod-Jacket_1.jpgMarks & Spencer extends their interactive fashion collection with the launch of the Long Sleeve Jacket for iPod under their premium sub-brand of modern, sophisticated designer clothing ‘Autograph’.

Using Fibretronic’s iPod control ‘Fiddler’ which can be discretely incorporated into the design yet being easily accessible for a quick change of tunes or volume adjustment, this Autograph jacket gives a new twist to sophistication.

Earlier this year Marks & Spencer launched the iPod enabled Jackets for the Back-to-School promotion and triggered strong reactions in the media as English school teacher condemned it as too distracting and even assuming that students will listen to their iPods instead to the teachers as the iPod control is hidden = integrated into the jackets.

The Autograph long sleeve jacket might face similar comments from bosses if their staff shows up to meetings with this jacket. So please make sure you leave your jacket outside the meeting room and pay attention to whatever is presented in your meeting.

If you are interested in a bit of wearable sophistication and urban look, the long sleeve jacket for your iPod is available by M&S for £99.00 ($154.60)

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