O’Neill Audio apparel 2008/09

oneill_Audio_hoody_sweat.jpgO’Neill, leading brand in the wearable electronic sport and outdoor apparel segment has introduced a ‘worlds first’, ready-to-wear active audio fashion line for the autumn/winter season 2008/09.

The new Audio Hooded Top for women and the Audio Hoody Sweat for men come with an integrated audio system. The practicality is obvious: listening to music all day long via earphones is not the most comfortable way to enjoy music.

Then, there are countries that do not allow earphones to be used while cycling or running in urban areas for example.

Last but not least, walking around in tense city traffic with earphones blocking out surrounding noise is not the safest way to cross a street.

So much for the practical side of having speaker integrated into apparel, providing a unique experience in music-listening.

Small lightweight speakers have been tucked into the hood of the sweat and top (removable for washing) and the iPod or any other audio player connects inside a dedicated storage compartment.

audio_hooded_top.jpgThere is no need for batteries, the sweat speaker take the sound and electrical power from the player. I am sure it will not sound like an high end audio system but I would expect some decent sound audible mostly only for the wearer and hardly audible for people around.

All audio player with a standard earphone connector work with O’Neill’s active audio apparel. The Audio Hooded Top for women can be ordered online via this link for £82.95 ($131.-) and the Audio Hoody Sweat for men via this online store for €109.95 ($142.-)


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