O’Neill H-Division Campack wearable action recorder

h_division_Campack.jpgO’Neill’s wearable electronic group ‘H-Division’ has done a cosmetic as well as an optical system make-over of their successful Campack which was introduced last season.

Social online networks attracting ever more folks around the globe and photo/video sharing is a core element of most of those sites.

The Campack provides the ideal tool to link the action reality with the virtual presents. It allows recording unobtrusively your life in the real world and lets you almost instantly share it among your online network allowing your buddies around the globe to participate in your life.

Although labeled as ‘fully functional snowboard backpack’ it can be your life recorder while doing backcountry hiking expeditions around your place or far away as well. The huge main compartment holds all your stuff needed for tracking around and has provision to accommodate a hydrating camelbak system.

The Campack’s multimedia function is designed with ease of use in mind. To start and stop recording is as simple as pressing a large button on the left shoulder strap.

ONeill_Campack_camera.jpgThe portable media player is positioned in the backpack’s top pocket to record all footage captured by the goggle strap or helmet mounted camera lens.

Recording medium is the widely available SD card format which can hold up to 200 minutes of video footage in 740×480 MPEG-4 avi format on a 4GByte SD card. Reviewing the action scenes can be done on the spot via the Campack’s screen which is stored safely between protective padding in the backpack’s top pocket. Video uploading to your social network is as easy as sliding the CD card into your computer (or adaptor) and hit the upload button on your site.

Great news is also the price drop of around $25.- compared with last year’s model introduction price. The Campack can be ordered via this UK online store for £249.99 ($395.-)

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