A sound iHome for the iPod

iHome_iPod_case.jpgiHome, one of the leading iPod accessories companies in North America, has a diverse range of speaker cases primarily for the iPod generation but some work with any portable audio player with similar or smaller size.

The idea is simple: give protection against scratches, moister and dirt to the iPod while on the road in harsh environment.

As a special ‘bonus’ iHome integrates speakers in their soft cases giving the option to listen to music without the need of earphones.

Just in time for the upcoming Christmas season, iHome is adding a new variant the iHM12L to their iPod speaker case range, 40% slimmer than any other case with NXT’s surface sound technology on the market.

Based on a robust yet slim EVA construction, this case is designed to work with a wide range of portable digital devices, including the latest iPod Touch and nano models as well as smartphones and most MP3 players.

I like the ‘magical’ sound effect of the surface sound technology which never fails to surprise people around me when switching on my sound backpack.

As many reader keep on asking about the sound quality: do not expect ‘boom-box’, ‘full bodied’ powerful sound but I would say you get decent sound quality for the occasional listening pleasure while around and about.

Available later this month for just $24.99 not bad considering you can give your iPod its own save iHome.

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