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IQ_Pullover_Hoodie.jpgMany people use music for motivation and relaxation during fitness and sports activities and many I know struggle with the earphone cord as it comes much too often in the way, removing the earphones rather suddenly and sometimes painfully from the ears.

Summit Wired, a young, innovative apparel company that engages in merging smart design, technology and apparel to create enhanced clothing for workout or leisure activity. Their first collection sets out to solve the above problem of earphone wires and music (iPod) handling for action loving folks.

Especially interesting for us are the IQ enabled items like the Grey Pullover Hoodie and the Ultra Fit long sleeved shirt.

Both have in addition to the earphone cord management an integrated super soft e-textile buttons from QIO Systems for iPod control. Summit Wired’s apparel make the wires and iPod ‘disappear’ from the area of action but still let you make quick changes to the motivational and inspirational music collection on your iPod.

Summit_Wired_IQ_Shirt.jpgThe good looking unisex IQ apparel come for a very reasonable price of $90.99 for the Pullover Hoodie and $112.99 for the long sleeve shirt.

I like the clever and practical design as I do spend always time finding a ‘good’ place to tuck away my iPod, getting the wire reasonably stored away on my outfit to feel free for the action. Still, skipping or repeating a song means most of the time stopping, getting out the iPod, switching and starting again my workout or I just don’t change the music.

Compromises one can do if there is no other choice but with the availability of this smart hoodie and shirt it is definitely elevating the whole workout/fitness experience.


  1. This is going to change a lot of ways to work out. I do not know anyone at the gym that does not have an I-Pod issue while working out. Arm bands suck, falls out if you stick it in your underwear band, not too mention sweaty, and always in your hand. Since I rarely change my tracks on my i-pod, I can skip with having to stop at every other corner will be nice too.

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