E-Bag cools your drink while walking

e_bag_cooling_bag.jpgIt might not be the most desirable product at the begin of the winter season when we think more about keeping warm but the E-Bag concept from Hungarian designer Apor Püspöki is too cool to pass over without mentioning.

The E-Bag has an integrated cooling system which is driven by a rotating handle attached to a dynamo that charges a battery via arm motion.

The cooling system makes use of the Peltier technology, a kind of solid-state heat pump that transfers heat from one side of the device to the other side. The cooling status is indicated by three LED lights.

The usage scenario is simple: the longer you walk as cooler the drink you get at the end. Isn’t this more incentive to make that extra mile than getting mileage reports from Nike+?

I am sure a slightly modified concept of the E-Bag to harvest the ‘swing energy’ while carrying around a hand bag could be used for mood lighting on a bag or interior lighting to find stuff inside the bag at night. I guess for charging a cell-phone in this way you would need to walk very long.


Apor’s variant of a kinetic energy bag is a interesting addition to the many other concepts we have seen, showing another direction wearable power could go. There is so much energy available around the body while walking, finding ways to harvest some of this otherwise wasted energy and use it for our ever growing number of electronic devices would make us more power-grid independent, providing an unlimited portable power source for our portable devices.

[source: Tuvie via Cnet Asia]

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