New DIY wearable electronic modules from Studio 5050

studio5050_battery_module.jpg Studio 5050, a creative collective in the wearable electronic space, is preparing the launch of a set of e-textile modules which can help DIY enthusiasts, designer and students to work on their interactive fashion without the need of spending too much time on electronic development.

During the past few years, Studio 5050 developed remarkable interactive fashion designs like the Moi, Embrace-meMasai dress and Temperature Sweater.

While creating the different designs, Despina Papadopoulos, founder of Studio 5050, realized that each time a new design concept comes up she needed to rebuild the e-textile components, using time which would be better spend on the more creative design part.

Making universally usable, smart modules and replicate them is the solution and she designed a set of modules that can be combined if wanted and form complex structures if needed without spending too much time to re-design the electronic part.

Currently there are modules in preparation for sound input / output, LEDs, temperature sensing / display and a very unique solution for battery integration into wearable electronic items.


The modules offer connection points that accommodate a conductive ribbon or thread. Wires, conductive Velcro, metal rings, or snaps can also be used to wire the modules into a circuit.

I like especially the concept of the battery module which has two parts, one that is attached permanently to the textile = the garment board and the other half containing the battery /charging part which snaps on via magnetic snaps.

Using magnetic snaps gives a more reliable electrical connection compared to mechanical snaps and are easy to detach as the battery module is most of the time the only e-textile element that cannot go through a washing cycle. A very smart solution.

The modules are not yet available although the schematic can be downloaded already as Studio 5050 licenses the modules under the Creative Commons.

I am looking forward to the release of the modules, a great extension to available e-textile systems like the LilyPad.

You can sign up by Studio 5050 to get notified about the progress of the modules or you keep on reading talk2myShirt where you will get an update as soon as those modules hit the road.

[via Fashioning Technology]

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