NavJacket – GPS Jacket navigation for winter sports

H_Division_NavJacket.jpgO’Neill prepares to launch the NavJacket for the winter season 2008/09. Introduced end of last year, this ground breaking intelligent jacket proofs once again the innovative leadership of O’Neill’s H-Division team in the wearable electronic market.

The final version of the NavJacket has a slightly different arm display than the prototype seen before, a more conventional color LCD display similar as we use in our electronic gadgets although snugly integrated and protected against rough rides down the slopes.

The NavJacket helps navigating in the wilderness of the mountains, especially when visibility becomes suddenly low. Enter the place you want to end up and it will guide you down safely.

Another cool feature is the ‘friend finder’ allowing to find your friends on the slopes or follow them down the path they took.

The NavJacket is made of high performance Gore-Tex ® material. Price and effective launch date is not yet available but we will stay on the lookout and post about as soon as it becomes public.

I have to close this post with a side remark: GPS functionality fully integrated into an outdoor jacket seems to me more sensible compared to the currently widely publicized GPS Lingerie from Brazil by which I don’t really get the point of the sensibility neither why one could not but a pocket GPS in any kind of clothing, not just a see-through lingerie pocket.

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