Reebok surface sound bags

Reebok_NXT_Bags.jpgReebok’s backpack and messenger pack with surface sound technology have been a bargain at introduction as one of the cheapest sound bags from an A-brand.

A few month later the price went down almost 50% and if you have every speculated of experiencing a sound system seamless integrated in one of your bags – now it’s time to close the deal.

Available at UK online retailer Born-for-Sports, the Surface Sound Backpack goes for £34.99 ($57.30) and the Surface Sound Messenger bag goes for £32.00 ($52.40).

Both bags come with an integrated stereo sound system using the thermofoam style segment of the bags as speaker panel activated by NXT’s surface sound system. This allows the invisible integration of speakers while still offering good sound. Every time I switch on my surface sound backpack it like magic as the sound is radiating from the bags material.

The sound comes from an integrated amplifier which is powered by 3x AA batteries. Any device that has an 3.5mm audio jack can be connected to these bags.

Both bags have plenty of pockets on the in- and outside to keep your stuff organized. Available in black, Reebok’s surface sound bags are good looking and give great value for money if you are on the lookout for a sound function on your bags.

Even if you don’t use the ‘surround sound’ in public places, it’s still a great feature to share youor tunes or have some background music while hanging out with friends somewhere away from big sound systems.

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