Animated Cannabis Leaf T-Shirt

flashing_leaf_t_shirt.gifFinding T-Shirts with animated decals is not difficult nowadays – partly also thanks to our coverage.

The use of wafer thin EL-foils allows nearly unobtrusive integration of an animated display element that can be treated (washed) like many other T-Shirts (hand washing).

Although some of the designs are very geeky and techno, one of the latest styles from Flashwear is very appealing, not as loud but still eye catching: the T-Cannabis Leaf T-Shirt.

The leaf shirt utilizes the advantage of EL-foil technology be going away with the strong geometric design of an circle, square of rectangle to make a more aesthetically appealing, organic shape.

I use this leaf T-Shirt as an example how technology should be used when combining with clothing. Maybe less engineering and more fashion design input would help in creating body conform, natural, organic looking interactive garments. If now the light sequence would be less erratic, more subtle and soft in the light sequence, I would actually buy one.

The T-Cannabis Leaf T-Shirt as well as many other, more aggressive animated T-Shirts cost $32.98 each, not too bad for a 100% cotton shirt that brightens up your day chest.


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