DIY wearable electronic – temperature sensing tapestry

Smart_curtain.jpgAnother cool – or should I say hot – DIY project using e-textile technologies surfaced on Instructables by user craft-tech.

The e-textile materials and components used come for base material Aniomagic which has a nice range of simple to use e-textile components including very smart little sensors for light, temperature and one to be programmed to your needs.

The idea of this project: getting a simple and cool looking readout on how cold/hot it is outside by looking to your window curtain/trapestry.

Hang the tapestry on a (drafty) window and the embedded lights will tell you at a glance what the temperatures could feel like.

The temperature is indicated by 6 lights: 2 red, 2 green, and 2 white. the Aniomagic smart temperature sensing module turns on the appropriate lights without any extra programming.

I like the battery holder which has been made in the form of an butterfly – cute.

Check out the very detailed instructions craft-tech has posted in Instructables. It’s a cute, hot DIY project to bring a bit color into the grey days of autumn.


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