iPod Blazer from Park Avenue

My_Blazer_for_iPod.jpg Park Avenue, premium formal wear brand from India’s Raymond Apparel is adding to their autumn/winter collection the ‘My Blazer for iPod‘.

The iPod controlling e-textile technology for this high quality and exquisite looking blazer comes from QIO Systems which provides fully textile based interfaces for the interactive apparel market.

The touch pad symbols are sewn under the jackets lapel looking very similar to Marks & Spencer’s ‘Back to Schoolwear iPod enabled Jackets‘ for school kids which created a huge reaction from some parts of the media and teacher community in condemning the School jacket as ‘evil’ as it enables the kids to listen to their tunes in stealth mode missing the lectures.

I was not sure about posting the grown-up version from Park Avenue as it may trigger another avalanche of condemnation this time from the bosses and supervisors of office slaves workers assuming their staff is listening to their iPod’s instead of paying attention to the Power Point presentations.

If you like the idea to tune into your music during business breaks, the ‘My Blazer for iPod’ is available in two shades, Classic Navy & Black, priced at Rs. 14,999 ($301.-) at Park Avenue exclusive stores, The Raymond Shops and other leading stores in India.


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