The pillow story of Pling Plong

Pling_Plong_pillow.jpgWe had our share on interactive pillow coverage like illuminated pillows or sound pillows but the Pling Plong pillow created by Silje Softing sticks out by it’s playful use of ‘soft’ low tech to give an twist to the story telling for small children.

The pillow itself tells the bedtime story ‘relieving’ you when absolutely needed as you have to finish a project on time from the story telling for your little one.

Pling Plong is a media player integrated into a pillow shape for story telling and sounds. It is designed to stimulate children´s imagination and interest for books.

The Pling Plong pillow is a design concept but if you are interested to get such pillow you can check out Silje’s blog where she documented the creation of the Pling Plong pillow and similar pillow concepts targeted towards children’s imagination power which the grown ups have lost over the years.

It dosen’t have to be always high-tech to create magic and I am sure the Pling Plong pillow will be the next best thing after Mom and Dad for story telling.

[via Yanko Design]


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