Never miss a phone call with the BluAlert Bracelet

blualert_bracelet.jpgMissing a call on your cell phone is annoying to say the least and can be disastrous in other cases. I don’t know anyone who did not have such unpleasant ‘missed that call’ experiences. The problem usually happens if you keep your phone in a pocket or bag. Not everyone likes to hold a cell phone in hands all time or have it tangling around the neck.

As many people as I know having the ‘missed call syndrome’ as many design concepts exist that promise to solve this issue by integrating visual incoming call alerts into easy to see items like clothing or bags. Only – not many of those great ideas did make it into the market yet.

It’s again up to ThinkGeek, famous for cross-over fashion-to-function products, to save the cell phone world by launching the ‘BluAlert Bluetooth Bracelet’.

The BluAlert bracelet uses Bluetooth technology to buzz discretely on your wrist when your phone rings. Even in the loudest room or the most boisterous dance-floor, you won’t miss it when BlueAlert goes off.

As added bonus, the BluAlert acts like a security device, once paired with your phone it will start buzzing when you are more than 5 meter separated from your phone.

Impressive also the standby time of 100 hours by a charging time of only 3 hours.

The BluAlert bracelet might not be the most fashionable wrist jewelry but it promises to do a great job in keeping the communication lines open all times.  Depending on the value you attach to the option to never miss a call again (and maybe never lose your cell phone again) you might actually be willing to make a fashion compromise and spend $49.99 to get your BluAlert.


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