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There are many sites about Wearable Electronics. So, why another one?


This site is dedicated to Wearable Technology¬†in the purest sense: Textile based, Clothing and Fashion Accessories. That’s all. If a new product claims to be Wearable (Electronics) but does not meet this criteria, it will not be included in this site. Portable (Electronics) does not mean Wearable (Electronics).

For the Consumer!

As consumer, you want to know what is available, what can you do with it, what do you like and what you want to have.

talk2myShirt is created first of all for consumers. This site gives reviews and background information on products.

But it also provides an overview of the technologies involved.

Last but not least, talk2myShirt wants to be a platform to bring together the consumer and the designer of Wearable Technology products.

New Technologies need new ways of doing business. Working together will benefit you, the consumer but also the companies involved in creating and offering those products.

talk2myShirt is the ‘missing link’, the worldwide communication platform to enable such collaboration.